Welcome to my passion, turkey hunting and turkey calls.  From the time I was big enough to follow my daddy to the woods or fishing hole, I’ve been addicted to the outdoors.  There are no better memories than those I have of our adventures together, except for the ones that I have with my two daughters.  I love everything outdoors from fishing to hunting, but unquestionably and undeniably, turkey hunting is at the top of the list all by itself.  My daddy never turkey hunted.  Most likely because there wasn’t a turkey season or many turkeys when he was growing up.  My home state of Georgia finally had a hunt-able turkey population and opened a state wide season when I was in my teens.

So naturally I decided to give it a try.  That is where my turkey passion began. Since my daddy had never turkey hunted, I was on my own.  I spent a lot of time trying to learn anything I could.  I would read magazines and try and find a VCR tape at the movie rental store (that was us older folks’ version of a DVD) of somebody turkey hunting.  Anything that I could hopefully pick up some tips from.  Ultimately though, there was no better teacher than to actually get in the woods and learn for myself.  My first turkey calls were a Ben Lee super hen and a Lynch Foolproof box call.  From the first gobbles I heard, to the first strutter I saw, to the first spit and drum I heard, to the “feel” of the gobble of an Eastern wild turkey that will charge your body when he’s danger close and rattles the ground, to the first turkey that I was blessed to kill ….. my passion and addiction just became stronger.

As I became a little older and more deeply obsessed, I wanted to try and “up my game” so to speak. I started buying different turkey calls.  Always looking for the one that was better than the others.  Turkey hunting was growing and so were “callmakers”.  Tradeshows filled with turkey calls were starting to take place.  So naturally I always attended when I could.  Walking the aisles and stopping at all the booths.  I wanted to try everybody’s calls and talk turkey with them.  As time went on, more people were getting into turkey hunting and more people were selling turkey calls.  The quality and realism were in some of the calls, but I still felt like there could be calls made that sounded more realistic, were more user-friendly, and would be made with passion and commitment to consistency and quality.  That is the moment when I started to teach myself how to make my own turkey calls.


Like I said, just as I am a self-taught turkey hunter, I am also a self-taught call-maker.  Sure I’ve watched others and asked some basic questions, and I’m forever thankful to them for that, but overwhelmingly I figured it all out for myself.  Trial and error.  No shortcuts or copying others.  I may not do things the “right way” according to someone else, but I figured out my own “right way” to make my calls.  Because of this, I know exactly what makes each call work.  I know what changes to make in order to change the sound or to make the call do something different.  I understand that there is more to a turkey call than just looking like a turkey call or being the same shape as another turkey call.  All of that learning left a pile of scrap wood and latex in its wake though.  But that was all part of the process to learn how to make the most realistic sounding, consistent, user friendly turkey calls that I could.

Now by this time, I knew the quality of what I had and I also knew that people would love my calls once they tried them.  I needed to catch people’s attention and stand out.  Come up with a name that was catchy and hard to forget.  So my gift with words went to work.  I started a list of possible names until I finally settled on Pecker Wrecker.  You shoot turkeys in the head and lots of times bust their beak, or their pecker.  Hey, makes sense and it’s catchy and rhymes.  So now I needed an awesome logo to go with my name.  After trying 3 different people with no success, one of my friends told me to contact this lady that he knew.  Well let me tell you, I could have kissed him and her both.  She knocked it out of the park when she designed my logo.  Grand Slam baby  We’re cooking with grease now.

When I tell you that my family and I have been blessed, I mean it.  Everything happens for a reason and the good Lord has certainly looked after us.  He has opened doors and created opportunities for us that are unreal.  He has looked after us and protected us.  Because of Him and His blessings, we have been successful with our lives, family, businesses, and Pecker Wrecker Turkey Calls.  I have been blessed to be able to get my daddy hooked on turkey hunting.  He too became addicted to it.  I think two of the things that motivate him the most are his grand-kids and turkey hunting.  He had Parkinson’s Disease and passed away July 2016, but not before he killed his share of longbeards. He has been filmed for a couple of hunting TV shows such as Mossy Oak’s Hunting the Country and he also completed his Grand Slam before he turned in his camo. Some of my most precious memories are of he and I turkey hunting together.  

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