Kevin has a special passion for pot calls. Because of this, he has spent a lot of time in his shop fine tuning the design of his pot calls to get the quality that he demands. Rest assured that these are some of the highest quality and easiest to use pot calls that you will ever try. Each pot is designed, made, and finished by Kevin himself and will not leave his shop if it won’t play to his standards.

All mouth calls are hand made one at a time by Kevin himself using a competition style press which ensures consistent and precise tolerances from one call to the next. All of these calls are very easy to run and require very little air pressure which allows the hunter to call soft. However, these calls are also built to allow aggressive calling when needed without breaking down. Kevin takes great pride in how easy and user friendly these calls are.

Kevin’s Signature Series line of friction calls are full of turkey and easy to play like all of the Pecker Wrecker Turkey Calls. The Signature Series offers custom wood choices and a higher grade of finish for a call that looks as good as it sounds. Check each wood choice for playing surface options. All calls come with a striker. Glass or crystal playing surfaces come with conditioning stone.

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